Unix Networking Clearly Explained

Unix Networking Clearly Explained

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Unix has becomes the foremost operating systems platform for network servers and workstations. Many of the tools used currently for Internet access were designed originally on Unix. Unix Networking Clearly Explained focuses on the Unix tools used for network and Internet access. The book covers the essentials of electronic mail as well as popular Unix mailers such as mailx, elm, pine, and mh . Detailed configuration features are addressed for each mailer. The various Unix newsreaders are covered in depth including trn, tin, and nn . The book also covers Internet tools as archie, telnet, ftp, Web browsers, and Gopher .While not intended as a unix primer for system administration Unix Networking Clearly Explained will introduce the basics of network administration. The focus of this book is on the end-user client software, rather than the technicalities of network administration. The aim of the book is to help users make use of all the Unix tools available on their local networks and the Internet. The content will introduce the reader to the complete range of unix networking capabilities so that a computing professional new to Unix will understand the basics before moving into the more complex area of Unix system administration.The term host actually applies to any computer connected on a network using TCP/IP, ones with Unix systems or otherwise. Each system ... To reference systems on different networks you need to use a domain name. A domain ... The domains used for the United States usually have extensions that identify the type of host.

Title:Unix Networking Clearly Explained
Author:Richard Petersen
Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann Pub - 1999


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