Unleashing the Power of 3P

Unleashing the Power of 3P

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Recent improvements at Enterridea€™s Trail Rider Memphis Operation bought Pete Grant, the Trail Rider Plant Manager, and his team a little more time, but Pete knew much more was needed to save the plant. They needed a breakthrough, a true game changer. Then someone told Pete about a process called 3P that could lead to unprecedented improvement when utilized during major change programs. Could this be just what he was looking for? Unleashing the Power of 3P: The Key to Breakthrough Improvement follows Pete and his team as they journey through Lean and the Production Preparation Process (3P). Using an easy-to-follow story, it allows readers to tag along as the team learns how to trim waste, increase efficiency, and bring their plant back from the brink. Youa€™ll learn from the teama€™s mistakes and follow them as they visit a hospital and learn how Lean and 3P can be applied in any industry. A go-to guide for 3P execution, this book: Details a proven methodology for successful implementation of even the most aggressive corporate change programs Presented in workbook format with real-world examples Uses an engaging story to guide readers through a 3P projecta€”from beginning to end Suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners of continuous improvement The book outlines time-tested methods that can be applied to any combination of product, process, and facility design to reduce costly redesign iterations and associated delays. Based on a true story, it takes you on a journey as Enterride completes a new production start-up in dramatically reduced time and cost. Lean and 3P can transform your organization. Let Enterridea€™s journey show you just how transformative they can be. Watch co-author Drew Locher discuss how 3P can stop project delays and increase efficiency in your organization.a€œBesides, ita#39;s a lot cheaper to make process changes on mock-ups then on production equipment. Brenda added, a€œAnd ita#39;s a lot less expensive to make product design changes on the a#39;drawing boarda#39; than when wea#39;re in production.a€ Everyoneanbsp;...

Title:Unleashing the Power of 3P
Author:Dan McDonnell, Drew A. Locher
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-10-17


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