Unmarried to Each Other

Unmarried to Each Other

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Unmarried to Each Other is a smart, practical guide for unmarried couples, based on the more than 100 stories and real-life experiences of unmarried partners around the country. This book was written by a couple who, themselves, are in a committed nine-year unmarried relationship. For people who are unmarried now or forever, the book is filled with information about the joys and the common challenges to love without wedding rings, including answers to questions like: Is living together right for us? How can we explain our relationship to our grandmothers? How can I get my workplace to provide health benefits to my domestic partner? Are there problems for couples who have kids without being married? How can we plan a wedding or ceremony without getting legally married? Filled with dozens of funny, real-life stories and savvy insights, Unmarried to Each Other is the definitive resource for couples bound by love, if not by marriage, for one of the fastest-growing household types in the U.S. today.The Essential Guide to Living Together as an Unmarried Couple Dorian Solot, Marshall Miller ... time Avis is the only major car rental company that allows both partners and spouses to be second drivers for free (if you find others, let us know! )anbsp;...

Title:Unmarried to Each Other
Author:Dorian Solot, Marshall Miller
Publisher:Da Capo Press - 2002


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