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Following the huge success of Happy, Happy, Happy, the Number One US bestseller that has sold over 1.25 million copies, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson shares the principles that have shaped his career and his personal, business, political, hunting, faith and family life. In this inspirational and entertaining book, you will learn what makes Phil Robertson tick. Robertson shares his views on faith-and how it has totally changed his way of life and how he treats others; family-how he raised his kids and is raising grandkids while teaching them the life principles he lives by; ducks-and the business principles that started the Duck Commander empire; marriage-including what he's learned from his own marriage; and of course, his opinions on controversial topics like gun control, taxes, prayer in school, and the government. UnPHILtered is the ultimate guide to everything Phil Robertson believes in. Balancing his sometimes off-the-wall comments with his strong focus on home and family life, it is sure to spark discussion, laughs, and a sincere appreciation for Phil's unique approach to life.I look out at the audience and ask, a€œHow many of you folks are over the age of ninety?a€ An older lady or ... What about all that money youa#39;re spending on diets, gym memberships, and health food? ... According to recent studies, Americans spend north of $60 billion annually to try to lose weight and get themselves in betteranbsp;...

Author:Phil Robertson
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2014-10-09


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