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Our campuses are steeped in political correctness?that?s hardly news to anyone. But no one realizes that radical social agendas have also taken over campus health and counseling centers, with dire consequences. Psychiatrist Miriam Grossman knows this better than anyone. She has treated more than 2, 000 students at one of America?s most prestigious universities, and she?s seen how the anything- goes, women-are-just-like-men, ?safer-sex? agenda is actually making our sons and daughters sick. Dr. Grossman takes issue with the experts who suggest that students problems can be solved with free condoms and Zoloft. What campus counselors and health providers must do, she argues, is tell uncomfortable, politically incorrect truths, especially to young patients in their most vulnerable and confused moments. Instead of platitudes and misinformation, it?s time to offer them real protection.one, the egg may get stuck. Estrogen low when you ... Time is of the essence in treating chlamydia; wea#39;re in a race to get it before it advances. Once it reaches the ... How long does it take for the bacteria to reach the tubes? We dona#39;t know.

Author:Miriam Grossman
Publisher:Penguin - 2007-08-28


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