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Announcing a smart, daring, original new take on the Torah. Imagine: 54 leading young Jewish writers, artists, photographers, screenwriters, architects, actors, musicians, and graphic artists grappling with the first five books of the Bible and giving new meaning to the 54 Torah portions that are traditionally read over the course of a year. From the foundational stories of Genesis and Exodus to the legalistic minutiae of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, Unscrolled is a reinterpreting, a reimagining, a creative and eclectic celebration of the Jewish Bible. Herea€™s a graphic-novel version of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments, by Rebecca Odes and Sam Lipsyte. Lost creator Damon Lindelof writing about Abrahama€™s decision to sacrifice his son. Herea€™s Sloane Crosley bringing Pharaoh into the 21st century, where hea€™s checking out a€œboils, a€ a€œlice, a€ and a€œplague of frogsa€ on WebMD. Plus therea€™s Joshua Foer, Aimee Bender, A. J. Jacobs, David Auburn, Jill Soloway, Ben Greenman, Josh Radnor, Adam Mansbach, and more. Edited by Roger Bennett, a founder of Reboot, a network of young Jewish creatives and intellectuals, Unscrolled is a gathering of brilliant, diverse voices that will speak to anyone interested in Jewish thought and identitya€”and, with its singular design and use of color throughout, the perfect bar and bat mitzvah gift. First it presents a synopsis of the Torah portion, written by Bennett, and then the story is reinterpreted, in forms that range from the aforementioned graphic novel to transcripts, stories, poems, memoirs, letters, plays, infographics, monologuesa€”each designed to give the reader a fresh new take on some of the oldest, wisest, and occasionally weirdest stories of the Western world, while inspiring new ideas about the Bible and its meaning, value, and place in our lives.I would imagine the darkening at 4:00 p.m. in the Petits Anges dance studio with Gerry Laframboise, the rhythmic gymnastics instructor, who wore a black scoopa€” neck with chest hair sprouting forth, ... the running around in leg warmers with an unfurling ribbon on a stick (and for what purpose? this ribbon on a stick?) ... You used the heat ofyour eighta€” yeara€”old mind to make the blocks of text come apart.

Author:Roger Bennett
Publisher:Workman Publishing - 2013-09-24


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