Unsettling Canada

Unsettling Canada

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Unsettling Canada is built on a unique collaboration between two First Nations leaders, Arthur Manuel and Grand Chief Ron Derrickson. Both men have served as chiefs of their bands in the B.C. interior and both have gone on to establish important national and international reputations. But the differences between them are in many ways even more interesting. Arthur Manuel is one of the most forceful advocates for Aboriginal title and rights in Canada and comes from the activist wing of the movement. Grand Chief Ron Derrickson is one of the most successful Indigenous businessmen in the country. Together the Secwepemc activist intellectual and the Syilx (Okanagan) businessman bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to Canadaa€™s most glaring piece of unfinished business: the place of Indigenous peoples within the countrya€™s political and economic space. The story is told through Arthura€™s voice but he traces both of their individual struggles against the colonialist and often racist structures that have been erected to keep Indigenous peoples in their place in Canada. In the final chapters and in the Grand Chiefa€™s afterword, they not only set out a plan for a new sustainable indigenous economy, but lay out a roadmap for getting there.58 At the inaugural meeting in Winnipeg, the Defenders were given the opportunity to engage in their first national protest ... In the fall of 2012, when Stephen Harpera#39;s legislative offensive against Indigenous peoples was in full swing, the Defenders ... It began, like so many important events in the world, with the women.

Title:Unsettling Canada
Author:Arthur Manuel, Grand Chief Ronald M. Derrickson
Publisher:Between the Lines - 2015-04-01


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