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Although Africa has long been known to be rich in oil, extracting it hadna€™t seemed worth the effort and risk until recently. But with the price of Middle Eastern crude oil skyrocketing and advancing technology making reserves easier to tap, the region has become the scene of a competition between major powers that recalls the nineteenth-century scramble for colonization there. But what does this giddy new oil boom meana€”for America, for the world, for Africans themselves? John Ghazvinian traveled through twelve African countriesa€”from Sudan to Congo to Angolaa€”talking to warlords, industry executives, bandits, activists, priests, missionaries, oil-rig workers, scientists, and ordinary people whose lives have been transformeda€”not necessarily for the bettera€”by the riches beneath their feet. The result is a high-octane narrative that reveals the challenges, obstacles, reasons for despair, and reasons for hope emerging from the worlda€™s newest energy hot spot.Walesa#39;s friendship with Mann, the scion of a wealthy brewing family and a sixth- generation Etonian, dates back many years. ... Executive Outcomes, which has been behind covert operations in some of Africaa#39;s worst trouble spots over the years, from Sierra Leone to Angola to Zaire. ... *Du Toita#39;s sworn testimony was part of his trial in Malabo, criticized by international observers for numerous irregularities.

Author:John Ghazvinian
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2008-04-14


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