Untouched Rose

Untouched Rose

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Rose is 17 and when she moves to a new town out in the sticks .There she meets Carlos a devastatingly handsome stranger who is soon to become a very important part of her life.What Rose doesn't know is she is a witch and a demon is about to rise and she is the one to stop it with help from Carlos . The lines bewteen the two become blurred and romance blossoms but can Rose have love and defeat the demon in order to save the world .aquot;Movie first or food its your choice aquot;Nigel opened the car door and I climbed into his silver Mazda 3. aquot;Movie aquot; I suggested that way we would have something to talk about .Nigel was the sweetest person Ia#39;d ever been out with . Not at all whatI anbsp;...

Title:Untouched Rose
Author:helen darby
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2010-09-01


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