Up a Tree with Tatie Wee

Up a Tree with Tatie Wee

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Nicknamed Tatie Wee as a child, Kathryn Fisher is a spunky lady with attitude. An extraordinary adventure in living, Up a Tree with Tatie Wee explodes in a colorful mosaic of vivid personalities, historic benchmarks, and bizarre events. Follow Tatie Wee from her birthplace in North Carolina in 1930, a cross-country train ride with her mother, through the struggles of the Great Depression, a secret marriage at age 17, abwome%unit%bioguse and infidelity, to the birth of her beautiful daughter. After a divorce and second disastrous marriage, she?s determined to raise her daughter alone. Now she must deal with a male-dominated work force with little pay and a heavy workload.In Up a Tree with Tatie Wee, Fisher also chronicles her exploits?sometimes hilarious and sometimes poignant?among her friends and family with whom she has become very close. Tatie Wee also reminisces about how life could have been different if she had taken different paths.Fisher introduces us to an interesting cast of real-life characters from her favorite cousin Katherine Ann, to Uncle Edwin, who?s suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. At last she finds her soul mate in Art Fisher. Art shares her zest for life, but as you will see, life is not always kind.Wince with Tatie Wee as her unpredictable father declares war on her, and share the pain when she realizes her brilliant ?Mom the Cop? has developed Alzheimer?s disease.Up a Tree with Tatie Wee is a delightful account of the life of an exceptional woman. Through all the prosperity, misfortune, and sacrifice, Tatie Wee faces life with gusto.... the tow truck arrived, another man stopped. He was a mechanic. He saw the problem at ... We cashed the check in order to better keep our promise. We found a Mercury Grand Marquis that was like new but the price was more than we had.

Title:Up a Tree with Tatie Wee
Author:Kathryn Marie Fisher
Publisher: - 2002-12-01


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