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Japan has a way of thinking that is just...different. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Tokyo-born journalist Lisa Katayama's collection of urawaza (a Japanese word for secret lifestyle tricks and techniques). Want to turbocharge your sled? Spray the bottom with nonstick cooking spray. Can't find someone to water your plants while you're away? Place the plant on a water-soaked diaper, so it slowly absorbs water over time. The subject of popular TV shows and numerous books in Japan, these unusually clever solutions to everyday problems have never before been published in Englisha€”until now! Urawaza collects more than 100 once-secret tricks, offering step-by-step directions and explanations.When I brought my dog, Ruby, back to Tokyo one summer a few years ago, she and my parentsa#39; dogs went on a ... I would scream at all three of them, then run downstairs to the supply cabinet and grab the carpet cleaner. ... And then I saw my mothera#39;s solution to the routine canine pee festa€”pat the mess with a dry pad, then dampen the spot with water ... This removed the spots and smells perfectly without bleaching the carpet or using anything more exotic or chemical than the soap.

Author:Lisa Katayama
Publisher:Chronicle Books - 2014-05-06


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