US-China Relations in the Twenty-First Century

US-China Relations in the Twenty-First Century

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The relationship between the United States and China will be of critical importance to the world throughout the twenty-first century. In the West Chinaa€™s rise is often portrayed as a threat and China seen in negative terms. This book explores the dynamics of this crucial relationship. It looks in particular at what causes an international relationship to be perceived negatively, and considers what can be done to reverse this, arguing that trust is a key factor. It goes on to discuss US and Chinese rhetoric and behaviour in three key areas a€“ climate change, finance, and international security. The book contends that, contrary to much US rhetoric, Chinaa€™s actions in these areas is often much more flexible and accommodating than the US position, and that the Chinese are much more knowledgeable about, and understanding and appreciative of, the United States than vice versa.Vanity Fair, May 1, 2011. toponepercent201105. Sun Yatsen, acsapp. ... Edward N. Zalta, Summer 2012. http:// a€œUN Security Council:anbsp;...

Title:US-China Relations in the Twenty-First Century
Author:Michael Tai
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-04-24


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