U.S. Customs Broker License Examination Annotated Exam History Compilations: April 2006-April 2015 (Vol. 1, 2015)

U.S. Customs Broker License Examination Annotated Exam History Compilations: April 2006-April 2015 (Vol. 1, 2015)

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History of customs broker examinations from April 2006 through April 2015 is available in one single volume. The value of the book is in annotations that are attributed to questions, as well as, a convenient single source document for the past customs broker exam questions. As prospective customs broker examinees prepare for exam by practicing questions from the past, many encounter questions that are outdated and/or no longer applicable. This book applies labels to those questions that are no longer applicable, allowing examinees to focus on questions that are current. Additionally, the book distinguishes questions that stand out because they continuously show up on customs broker exams. This book also guides examinees to other study material that explores background and reasoning behind questions in more detail. Other study materials include Textbook and Exercise Book. More information about these study companions is available at their dedicated webpages. Applicable Labels Include: DIFFICULT LOGIC: Denotes question where logical parallels between question and answer provided by customs examiners are difficult to establish. DISCUSSED IN EXERCISE BOOK: Denotes question that is addressed in the Exercise Book, which offers logical explanations (reasoning) as to why the particular answer choice is correct. ASSIGNED IN TEXTBOOK: Denotes that the question has been discussed in the Textbook. The question is usually assigned in the Web Supplement portion of the Textbooka€™s relevant chapter. The question can also form a part of Textbooka€™s substantive discussion. INCORRECT CITATION: Denotes error in citation (usually to law or regulation) provided by customs examiners in the answer key for a given question. May also denote error in the answer choice, where legal citation was correct. MULTIPLE ANSWER QUESTION: Denotes the question with more than one correct answer choice. This label also pertains to questions that received credit(s) for all of the answers, unless these answer choices are contradictory (see REMOVED). OUTDATED: Denotes question or answer choices that became outdated due to changes in law, facts, or Customs (CBP) practice. Classification questions where one or more of the HTSUS numbers in the answer choice are no longer valid are marked as outdated, notwithstanding the validity of other HTSUS numbers. This is done because many classification questions require inquiry into several HTSUS codes (e.g. General Rule of Interpretation 3 analysis), which cannot be effectively made with some of the HTSUS numbers being no longer valid. Additionally, process of elimination is difficult with outdated HTSUS numbers. REMOVED: Denotes question that was removed from the initial examination. This label also applies to questions that are marked as a€œxa€ or a€œno correct answera€ by customs examiners. If customs examiners grant credit for all answers, and answer choices are contradictory, then this label is applied also. REPEATED QUESTION: Denotes question that appeared in previous examinations. The goal of this label is to alert prospective examinees that customs examiners place higher value on the question, implying its likelihood of re-appearance on the future exams.Hyundai South Korea normally charges an additional $200 per Elantra. However, Hyundai South ... LawCustoms.com U.S. Customs Broker License Examination Annotated Exam History Compilations April 2006 - April 2015 56. The computed anbsp;...

Title:U.S. Customs Broker License Examination Annotated Exam History Compilations: April 2006-April 2015 (Vol. 1, 2015)
Author:Law Office of Yuri Starikov, LLC
Publisher:Law Office of Yuri Starikov, LLC - 2015-09-04


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