Using Bittorent protocol to launch DDoS attacks

Using Bittorent protocol to launch DDoS attacks

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In a nutshell what the researcher hopes to achieve by this project is to develop a practical solution to control Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks launched using BitTorrent protocol by tweaking the source code of an existing open source BitTorrent client. Even though BitTorrent is a useful protocol, it could be misused to launch DDoS attacks. Since the number who uses BitTorrent protocol is high, by launching a DDoS the victima€™s machine could be crippled. Hence as a remedy to the issue this report is formulated so that it discusses how the attacks are done and how it could be prevented. For a simple analogical demonstration of what this attack does, take a look at figure 1 where computer A cannot fulfill the requests of a legit user computer B. this is what DDoS attack does. After enhancing the security architecture of BitTorrent client this problem would not occur hence it is improved to control these attacks.3.1 Using BitTorrent protocol to launch DDoS attacks It has been noted that peer to peer constitute 60% of current internet traffic. ... If BitTorrent protocol is considered, some of the reasons to choose it over other protocols are its reliability, efficiency and anonymity. (mr6n8 ... Hence when the torrent is started, the user checks with the trackers to get a peer list to download pieces of the file he/she needs.

Title:Using Bittorent protocol to launch DDoS attacks
Author:Ashan Maduranga
Publisher:GRIN Verlag - 2015-02-10


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