Val - Prequel to The Zombie Chronicles

Val - Prequel to The Zombie Chronicles

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Meet 'Val' one of the most talked about characters in The Zombie Chronicles. This is the prequel to The Zombie Chronicles completely told in Val's POV. Meet Val before she hooked up with the gang on Kelly's Island. See how she got bitten as that was never explained in the series. Watch her meet her biological parents and Dean for the first time! See how she got thrown into isolation. See the friends she traveled with on the journey to the island. Watch her make the final decision to leave Philly and journey to Ohio when her world comes crashing down around her. Meet Val and get a real feel for her character as you read her story in her POV. This is the story before the story! Prequel a€“ VAL Book 1 a€“ The Zombie Chronicles (FREE read!) Book 2 a€“ Race for the Cure Book 3 a€“ Deadly City Book 4 a€“ Poisonous Serum Book 5 a€“ Undead Nightmare Book 6 a€“ Revelation Book 7 a€“ Trepidation Book 8 a€“ Impact Warning: Mild violence. For mature teens and young adults. Quotes The zombie apocalypse has swept in like a violent storm, and every day is a fight to survive. Yes, ita€™s scary, and we have no guarantees that wea€™ll live to see the next sunrise. But therea€™s nothing we can do to stop it. We just have to let it run its course and pray that the zombies rot out soon. Ia€™m not Rambo, Supergirl, or Xena, but I cana€™t let worry consume me either. Just because Ia€™m not made out of titanium, that doesna€™t mean I wona€™t make it to the finish line. Ia€™ve gotta stay brave and keep fighting as hard as I can and never, ever give up hope. a€” Val Bennett a€“ zombie fighter a survivor I have to keep my footing, catch my breath, and keep walking the twisting path ahead. There are many huge hurdles to face. I dona€™t know what life holds for me, but I will survive as long as I can, and I wona€™t go down without a fight. a€” Sammy Evans a€“ survivor a zombie fighter Humans are a rare and endangered species. Swallowing down our fear, we must fight to protect humanity at all costs. Protecting the human race must be our number one priority. We need to fight for the future we want, not the one thata€™s been delivered to us. Taking back our world is a fight I will never give up on. And in my opinion, that makes every zombie hunter a very special breed of warrior. a€” Dean Walters - survivor a zombie huntershe said, then let out a few more loud screams for dramatic effect. a€œHeh. Sounds like our boys are havina#39; a little fun, a€ Runo said. Without saying a single word, I motioned Sammy to one of the bedroom windows. ... It looked clear, so I opened the window, then quietly popped out the screen. a€œHurry! ... Its buddya#39;s chest was torn open, its muscles and ribcage on display like some kind of cadaver in a universityanbsp;...

Title:Val - Prequel to The Zombie Chronicles
Author:Chrissy Peebles
Publisher:Dark Shadows Publishing - 2015-02-14


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