Vamped Up

Vamped Up

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a€œI said stop, Eve.a€ A dark musky smell emitted from Ruana€™s skin. It was possession. a€œYou dona€™t know what youa€™re asking of me.a€ Eve had spent an entire month begging Ruan to drink from her. To share one of the most erotic experiences a vampire and mundane could share. Yet hea€™d denied her. Now, there was no turning back a€œEither drink from me now, proving to yourself that you have the strength to do this, or let me fulfill my personal obligation to your race on my terms.a€ Stifling a gasp, she punctured her skin with the tip of the blade, then lifted the steel to examine it. Her blood, red and thick, hung on the edge. a€œThata€™s only fair, given what we both want, dona€™t you think?a€ With a hollow-sounding groan, Ruan snatched her hand and licked her palm, sending chills exploding through her hand.Hea#39;d learned more in one night from Ruan than from countless hours studying the Vampire/Elder Protection Manual he received upon ... As he stuck the key into the door of his black 1969 Camaro, he gave the warehouse a sideways glance.

Title:Vamped Up
Author:Kristin Miller
Publisher:Harper Collins - 2011-12-06


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