Vector Control of AC Drives

Vector Control of AC Drives

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Alternating current (AC) induction and synchronous machines are frequently used in variable speed drives with applications ranging from computer peripherals, robotics, and machine tools to railway traction, ship propulsion, and rolling mills. The notable impact of vector control of AC drives on most traditional and new technologies, the multitude of practical configurations proposed, and the absence of books treating this subject as a whole with a unified approach were the driving forces behind the creation of this book. Vector Control of AC Drives examines the remarkable progress achieved worldwide in vector control from its introduction in 1969 to the current technology. The book unifies the treatment of vector control of induction and synchronous motor drives using the concepts of general flux orientation and the feed-forward (indirect) and feedback (direct) voltage and current vector control. The concept of torque vector control is also introduced and applied to all AC motors. AC models for drive applications developed in complex variables (space phasors), both for induction and synchronous motors, are used throughout the book. Numerous practical implementations of vector control are described in considerable detail, followed by representative digital simulations and test results taken from the recent literature. Vector Control of AC Drives will be a welcome addition to the reference collections of electrical and mechanical engineers involved with machine and system design.Thus, (4.16) (4-17) *agt; where IIC=LK, +La#39;ra=transient (short-circuit) inductance of the machine. ... Thus, at low speeds (frequencies), current control prevails, and at high speeds, the voltage control takes over. ... As soon as the required voltage vector V, (7aquot;t) is known, through Vu and Vft in stator coordinates, a PWM technique may be used to produce the ... It has also been demonstrated that the vector voltage control is considerably less sensitive to changes in the rotor time constant [12].

Title:Vector Control of AC Drives
Author:Ion Boldea, Syed A. Nasar
Publisher:CRC Press - 1992-08-26


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