Vengeance in Time

Vengeance in Time

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Paul Crabtree, a twenty-first century Oklahoma City police officer, having helped Samuel Benjamin, a deputy U.S. marshal who claimed to be from nineteenth-century Indian Territory return to his own time now finds the situations reversed. While attempting to solve the question of why the two lawmen have been brought together in time they get caught up chasing outlaws creating havoc within the Indian Territories. For Paul it is now not a matter of getting back, but about surviving in a region that has become known for outlaws running from the law for crimes committed in the surrounding states and too few U.S. deputy marshals to patrol the area.a€œSamuel, do you know this Lincoln Strongoak? ... Lincoln had many years to plan his revenge, so where will he go or who will he attack next. Finally ... If he is seeking revenge on the prosecution, then I need to get after him. ... to the U.S. marshalla#39;s office in muscogee about transporting the two current jail cell occupants to stand trial in federal court for attempted robbery, but what about this Strongoak fella?

Title:Vengeance in Time
Author:S.D. Brook
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-08


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