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This book is about a group of older apartment dwellers whose lives are all about to be turned upside down in a matter of weeks. The trouble starts when a much younger crowd begin harassing the old folks on Archer lane. Every single day brings more problems as the young punks cross paths with all of the elderly victims in this modern day novel! The police just can`t seem to do a thing, so now all of the old retirees must all come together just to try and beat these thugs at their own game. Follow all of the twists and turns as each old couple plan their next move on this crazy roller coaster ride. In the end, who will prevail? Will it be the young hoodlums from down the road, or all of the old people just trying to find some peace and quiet in the short time that they still have left?Winston ends up with a used Ford Taurus until he can get his own car back. He then lets his wife know that Eddie is ... In the meantime, Eddie and Ziggy have now agreed to take care of each othera#39;s problems. Ziggy was able to get away withanbsp;...

Author:Ken Havlicek
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-01-25


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