Venus II--geology, Geophysics, Atmosphere, and Solar Wind Environment

Venus II--geology, Geophysics, Atmosphere, and Solar Wind Environment

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The final orbit of Venus by the Magellan spacecraft in October 1994 brought to a close an exciting period of Venus reconnaissance and exploration. The scientific studies resulting from data collected by the Magellan, Galileo, and Pioneer missions are unprecedented in their detail for any planet except Earth. Venus II re-evaluates initial assessments of Venus in light of these and other spacecraft missions and ground-based observations conducted over the past 30 years. More than a hundred contributors summarize our current knowledge of the planet, consider points of disagreement in interpretation, and identify priorities for future research. Topics addressed include geology, surface processes, volcanism, tectonism, impact cratering, geodynamics, upper and lower atmospheres, and solar wind environment. The diversity of the coverage reflects the interdisciplinary nature of Venus science and the breadth of knowledge that has contributed to it. A CD-ROM developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory accompanies the book and incorporates text, graphics, video, software, and various digital products from selected contributors to the text. A multimedia interface allows users to navigate the text and the extensive databases included on the disk. Venus II is the most authoritative single volume available on the second planet. Its contents will not only help shape the goals of future Venus missions but will also enhance our understanding of current Mars explorations.Although Eartha#39;s spreading centers mark breaks through the lithosphere, the ability of these zones to form may depend, ... SAR images reveal no structural/ kinematic evidence for transfer zones, nor do they reveal regions where significantanbsp;...

Title:Venus II--geology, Geophysics, Atmosphere, and Solar Wind Environment
Author:Stephen Wesley Bougher, Donald M. Hunten, Roger J. Phillips
Publisher:University of Arizona Press - 1997


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