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From a pre-eminent biographer in the field, this well-documented and illustrated biography examines the life and time of the emperor Vespasian and challenges the validity of his perennial good reputation and universally acknowledged achievements. Examining received opinions on Vespasian, Barbara Levick examines how this plebeian and uncharismatic Emperor restored peace and confidence to Rome and ensured a smooth succession. Outlining how he gained military experience and political skills, Levick goes on to explore how Vespasian coped with the military, political and economic problems of his reign, and his evaluation of the solutions to these problems, before she finally examines his posthumous reputation. Part of the bestselling Roman Imperial Biographies series, Vespasian will engage, enthral and inform both students of classical studies and history, and the general classical enthusiast alike.1 97 1 ); M.L. Conforto et al., Anfiteatro flavio: immagine, testimonianze, spettacoli (Rome, 1988); R. Rea in E.M. Steinby, ed., Lex. ... Spain: McElderry 1918, 1919; Bosworth 1973; H. Braunert in Corolla memoriae E. Swoboda dedicata. ... D. and T. Talbot Rice, Oxford, 1932); G. Downey, A History of Antioch in Syria from Seleucus to the Arab Conquest (Princeton, 1961); D. Van Berchem, BJ 185 (1985 )anbsp;...

Author:Barbara Levick
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2005


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