Video Production Workshop

Video Production Workshop

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Video Production Workshop is the first book written to be accessible and appealing to a younger, digitally savvy audience interested in learning the full range of skills involved in planning and executing a video project. It introduces all the digital tools and basic techniques in sequence for readers to build proficiency and gain a well-rounded mastery of the art and craft of video production. Author Tom Wolsky begins with lessons in video editing and camera handling, and then moves on to scripting and storyboarding a production. Readers then step through a series of exercise projects. Separate chapters explore how to light different types of scenes as well as how to obtain well-recorded sound. The book is designed both for independent students as well as for classroom use, and it includes lessons on video journalism and its rights, responsibilities, and ethics. Related techniques for interviewing and working in a live studio are also presented. The book concludes with lessons in post-production techniques, especially motion graphics and special effects. The companion DVD is packed with DV footage for projects, plus demo plug-ins and free software.If you cana#39;t imagine it, see if you can find the same illumination in real life and take a still picture of it. This will help you ... to which lights can be suspended so they are out of the way and off the floor. Before you mount an elaborate lighting grid make sure your electrical system will support the lighting load youa#39;re going to put on it. Count up the wattage of your ... The pipe grid is hung a few feet from the ceiling itself, allowing space for heat to dissipate from the lamp heads. The pipe rowsanbsp;...

Title:Video Production Workshop
Author:Tom Wolsky
Publisher:CRC Press - 2013-01-25


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