Vietnam Diary

Vietnam Diary

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The first definitive eyewitness account of the combat in Vietnam, this unforgettable, vividly-illustrated report records the story of the 14, 000 Americans fighting in a new kind of war. Written by one of the most knowledgeable and experienced of America's war correspondents, Vietnam Diary shows how we developed new techniques for resisting wily guerrilla forces. Roaming the whole of war-torn Vietnam, Tregaskis takes his readers on the tense U.S. missionsa€”with the Marine helicopters and the Army HU1B's (Hueys); with the ground pounders on the embattled Delta area, the fiercest battlefield of Vietnam; then to the Special Forces, men chosen for the job of training Montagnard troops to resist Communists in the high jungles. Mr. Tregaskis tells the stirring human story of American fighting men deeply committed to their jobsa€”the Captain who says: qYou have to feel that it's a personal problema€”that if they go under, we go underq; the wounded American advisor who deserted the hospital to rejoin his unit; the father of five killed on his first mission the day before Christmas; the advisor who wouldn't take leave because he loved his wife and feared he would go astray in Saigon. And the dramatic battle reports cover the massive efforts of the Vietnamese troops to whom the Americans are leaders and advisors. An authority on the wars against communism in Asia, Tregaskis has reported extensively on the Chinese Civil War, Korea, and the guerrilla wars in Indochina, Malaya, and Indonesia. He was the winner of the George Polk Award in 1964 for reporting under hazardous conditions.Failing that, they could make self-inflating air mattresses for the recruits in basic training. aquot;Theya#39;re too tired to blow up ... He wasna#39;t getting the reaction he wanted, evidently: Only a few nervous throat-clearings followed his sardonic instructions.

Title:Vietnam Diary
Author:Richard Tregaskis
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-04-01


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