Vietnam Junkyard and Other Poems

Vietnam Junkyard and Other Poems

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The book consists of three volumes of poetry, originally written as separate books. The first is First Reflections, with sections named a€œ Memoriesa€, a€œFamilya€, a€œAnimalsa€, a€œPlacesa€, a€œDiseasesa€, and a€œFuna€. The second volume is Vietnam Junkyard, the story of his Vietnam tour of duty in 1971-1972. It is written as an extended prose-poem divided in chapters. The first chapter is set in on an atoll in in the central Pacific where he served as a Ground Safety and Explosive Disposal officer for the ABM missile test range. The second chapter is a flashback of the events of his life to that date. The effects of his Vietnam experience on his life since are shown. The third volume is Millennial Meditations, a commentary on the meaning of the new millennium, and reactions to the 911 tragedy.(1998-2006) Ed Calhoon. Ham. Radio. History. My first radio book borrowed from my local library in the early fifties is a Radio Amateura#39;s Handbook circa thetwenties which leads me to believe hams are still using Ford Model T ignition coils in sparkgap Morse code transmitters. ... license test preparation manuals, memorizing band assignment frequencies and schematic wiring diagrams which I have.

Title:Vietnam Junkyard and Other Poems
Author:Ed Calhoon
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-04-22


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