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Corey Deitz characterizes himself as a qrecovering Democratq and even offers a 6 Step Program for liberals. qI'm not a right-wing nut job, q said Deitz, speaking from his underground shelter while stocking ammo and canned food. qI'm just a middle-to-right American who set out to expose the differences between reasonable conservatives and unreasonable liberals.q To be fair, Deitz actually takes shots at both liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. qBut, I did it tongue-in-cheek, q says Deitz. qI think conservatives will feast on how I turn up the heat and grill a lot of folks on my barbecue spit.q33 Speaking Starbuckian Since this is a chapter about words and how we use them, allow me to make a slightly ... But, in the Starbucks world its a€œtalla€, a€œgrandea€, and a€œventia€ and I flatly refuse to be another espresso rat in their linguistics laboratory. Ita#39;s bad enough no one wants to learn English in America; please dona#39; t confuse everything with a third language. ... spend $4 dollars in gas to drive to a Starbucks to spend another $4 dollars for the experience of a Venti Mocha Frappuccino, anbsp;...

Author:Corey Deitz
Publisher:Lessons from Camp - 2009-04


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