Vinyl Cations

Vinyl Cations

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Vinyl Cations provides a comprehensive and detailed treatment of the reactive intermediate in which the electron-deficient carbon is an integral part of a ? unsaturation. This book emphasizes that the reaction through vinyl cations is a viable pathway among the multitude of mechanistic routes for vinylic substitution. The aryl, ethynyl, and allenyl cations from the viewpoint of direct solvolytic generation from appropriate allenyl precursors are briefly discussed. Other topics include the preparative aspects of electrophilic additions to alkynes, participation of allenyl bonds in solvolyses, and vinyl cations generated through diazonium ions. The nature of the cationic intermediates, migrations across the double bond, thiirenium ions, and species related to vinyl cations are likewise elaborated. This publication is beneficial to chemists and researchers concerned with vinyl cations.The relative ease of hydration of alkynes was attributed by Pople and Schleyer ( Chapter 2) to the higher strain in the alkyne molecule ... The ko/ka ratios for the addition of p-chlorobenzenesulfenyl chloride are variable and decrease on substitution of the parent compound. ... In conclusion, the above data suggest that alkynes and alkenes do not differ much in their reaction toward electrophilic reagents.

Title:Vinyl Cations
Author:Peter Stang
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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