Violette Nights in Paris

Violette Nights in Paris

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Book 1: Midnight in Montmartre, Luc and Mia's story Book 2: Violette Nights in Paris, Mathieu and Violette's story Book 3: Bon AppActit, ChAcrie, Philippe and Gianna's story A famous French rock star meets a shy realtor and sparks fly. Mathieu is the biggest rock star in France. His bandmates are happy to be rolling in the money and the girls, but at the end of their European tour, the only thing he feels is depressed. His band has lost touch with their original vision. Music has lost its purity, and he needs to shut himself away to write songs from the heart. What he wants is to buy a house in the countryside, away from the chaos of Paris. Violette is almost thirty, with no dating prospects on the horizon and a mother with Alzheimera€™s to take care of. When a handsome client uses her service as a real estate agent, she has no idea that hea€™s the lead singer of Les Slinks. Mathieua€™s afraid to reveal his identity, but when the truth is out, he has more than Violette to lose. A greedy record label exec wants to replace Mathieu with a new singer. Can he fix everything and win Violette back before ita€™s too late? Violette Nights in Paris is a standalone novel in the French Kiss romantic comedy series. It's a sweet romance with the equivalent of a PG rating, so anyone can enjoy it.I promise you, I will speak to my boy and make sure there are no disturbances. Breakfast is ... He follows the teen up the stairs and down a small hallway on the left, and they stop at a wood door with the number three on it. a€œHere is your room, a€ Albert says before turning and leaving Mathieu to himself. ... Mathieu hasna#39;t seen anything quite like this before. ... He goes back downstairs and asks Elle if she has.

Title:Violette Nights in Paris
Author:Chloe Emile
Publisher:Chloe Emile Romance - 2015-03-06


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