Viral Insecticides for Biological Control

Viral Insecticides for Biological Control

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Viral Insecticides for Biological Control focuses on the basic as well as applied aspects of viral insecticides, which have the potential to significantly reduce the current reliance on chemical pesticide technology. This book serves as a guide for the development of means to identify hazardous problems and prevent them. Organized into six parts with a total of 23 chapters, this book describes the taxonomy, nomenclature, identification, physical, biological, as well as chemical characteristics, replication, and pathology of insect viruses. This reference material also explores the dispersal, stability, and utilization of insect viruses as biological control agents. The factors and considerations that must be taken into account when a viral insecticide is sought as a large-scale commercial alternative to other more traditional methods of pest control are also addressed. Because this reference material collates information in this field of interest, it will benefit a wide audience of readers, including researchers, students, and those working directly in crop protection.Transmission of a mosquito iridescent virus in Aedes taeniorhynchus. ... Experiments related to transmission in nature. ... with an invertebrate iridovirus: nucleotide phosphohydrolase activity associated with iridescent virus type 6 (01v ). J. Virol.

Title:Viral Insecticides for Biological Control
Author:Karl Maramorosch
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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