Viral Loop

Viral Loop

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Herea€™s how it works: you read a book, you recommend it to a friend. That friend tells another friend. And another... until the book becomes this yeara€™s word-of-mouth sensation. This is the first to analyze the power of the 'pass-it-ona€™ phenomenon, introducing us to the architects of the mightily efficient, money-spinning model known as the Viral Loop - the secret behind some of the most successful businesses in recent history. Outfits such as Google, eBay, Flickr and Facebook all employ the model at their core; all have seen their stock valuations skyrocket within years of forming. The genius lies in the modela€™s reliance on replication: whata€™s the point of using Facebook if none of your friends can see your profile, or using Flickr if you cana€™t share your photos? Wherea€™s the joy in posting a video on YouTube if no one watches it? Thus, in creating a viral product that people want, need and desire, growth can, and will, take care of itself. Find out why the Loop will catch us all up, sooner rather than later...On the upside, a company willing to let go of its brand can find its way to great, untapped riches as Mentos did. ... For decades, high school students had mixed vinegar and baking soda to make volcanoes erupt at science fairs, and scienceanbsp;...

Title:Viral Loop
Author:Adam Penenberg
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2010-01-07


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