Viral Marketing Stampede

Viral Marketing Stampede

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Imagine getting thousands of visitors to your site, or logging in to YouTube and seeing the number of views of your last video climbing into the millions. What might that kind of attention do for your business? Would you earn more sales? Gain more customers? Make more profits? What if I told you all that is possible with just a little effort and a nifty little marketing tactic known as Viral Marketing? In this ebook, we're going to look at some examples of great viral marketing campaigns, and examine what works and what doesn't when creating a viral marketing strategy for your business. We'll talk about the parts of a successful viral marketing campaign, and I'll provide examples you can use in your own business, whether you work online or off. Using viral marketing, you can have enough wealth to get everything you've ever needed or wanted. You only need to know how - by reading this book... Start Now. Get Your Copy Today! Guaranteed Instant Download!these ideas can be the tipping point of a viral campaign, if your JV partner has a large and responsive list. ... For example, if you run a hosting company, a year of free hosting is a valuable prize toyour customers, but costs you very little.

Title:Viral Marketing Stampede
Author:Thrivelearning Institute Library
Publisher:Midwest Journal Press -


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