Virgin Promise

Virgin Promise

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A lifetime of caution gone in one nighta€b Angela Capria had never experienced that crazy desire that makes one forget caution and succumb to passion. Then a fascinating, exhilarating stranger rescued her and she totaly physical awareness. And after one ngiht of perfect seduction, Angela had a searing memory of the most phenomenal deflowering a girl ever hada€b. It had been a setup. Angela's friends thought she needed a dark and dangerous fantasy man to sweep her off her feet, take control and awaken her sensuality. Corporal Vic Steadman had reluctantly agreed to the charade, never planning to go that far. But now he wanted more than one nighta€”and the only way to make amends was to qrecaptureq Angela's virginity with a hands-off promisea€b.He inserted the hanger again. a€œHell, therea#39;s not a car made I cana#39;t get into.a€ Oh, that was comforting. a€œComes from a misspent youth. Hah!a€ He gave the coat hanger one final yank, and the door lock gave. In seconds he had the front door open.

Title:Virgin Promise
Author:Kara Lennox
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-10-15


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