Virgins of Kandahar

Virgins of Kandahar

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Bob Murray worked for defense contractor Light Horse, Inc. in Afghanistan, mentoring police soldiers and their officers in Kandahar. He serves two masters, the US Department of State and Department of Defense. Sometimes it is difficult to please both entities. Bob and his close friend Jake Wilson help each other in accomplishing their mission while maintaining good morale for both. The corruption they see while in the mission is sometimes mind boggling and makes them wonder if it is worth their effort to train the Afghans. They continue working in the police program and hope they can sway the corrupt ones to change and instill integrity into the new police soldiers and officers. Bob becomes the chief of a new systems team in Kandahar; putting in place changes that instill a more democratic model in the police culture. It is an uphill battle with some success that comes with the inevitable loss of life in the process. The systems team becomes involved in the investigation of a Chechen organized crime syndicate in Afghanistan. The Chechens are moving large quantities of heroin into Moscow. Now the investigation takes a more international perspective and involves many countries including the United States.Bob woke up refreshed, took a good shower and headed down to breakfast, no crappy meals or MREs here. The food choice was fantastic and Bob over did it as he stacked his plate with ham, eggs, hash browns and fresh fruit. ... The United States on the other hand in the year 2006 had put one hundred twenty million dollars into the program and two hundred ... to the Germans but at the time the US had more influence, money and people invested in the program than the Germans.

Title:Virgins of Kandahar
Author:Robert Murrhee
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-04-30


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