Virus Alert! the Truth about Bird Flu!

Virus Alert! the Truth about Bird Flu!

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This book tells you the truth about bid flu - something that is difficult to find. There is a great deal written but much of it is not the truth. The book includes extracts from official documents in the US, the UK, and the World Health Organisation. The book also explains why the current mortality rate of around 50% is unlikely to be sustained if this virus goes global and why Tamiflu may not be the best treatment. qIf you were a tsunami victim or a hurricane victim and could turn back the clock to prepare yourself foran inevitable tragedy in your path, there is no question that you would. With John Piper's book you are given the information to prepare for the inevitable bird flu pandemic that will touch all of our lives. He has done the research, now all you have to do is read and prepare.q - Adrienne Toghraie qThe book is well researched, objectively presented with attention given to avoiding hysterical response. It sets out the facts in a balanced way and allowed me to assess my actions in an informed way.q - Richard PiercyThe WHO task force has gone in but failed to contain the outbreak and pandemic flu has spread around the globe. ... Packets of 10 Tamiflu are now changing hands for thousands of dollars as people do everything they can to avoid catchinganbsp;...

Title:Virus Alert! the Truth about Bird Flu!
Author:John Piper
Publisher:VIRUSALERT! - 2006


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