Vision for America

Vision for America

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VISION FOR AMERICA is a thought-provoking look at American events and interventions in international affairs and politics from the perspective of a Swiss Economist. Werner Neff's study offers a political portrait of America in 2014. He speaks of Plutocracy, ineffective, and out of control leadership of the elected US Senate and House members. He shares his theory of a distorted democracy. The book is based on Neff's studies, research, and his profound knowledge of the socio-economic and political situation of America and its international relations and involvement in world politics. The author takes us back to 1945 to the brilliant rescue of Europe from World War II, and then moves on to the war in Vietnam, to the collapse of the Soviet Union, and to the Iraq War; he provides us with an insightful theory on why America has lost much respect as a world leader in the eyes of many European citizens. Neff leads the reader on a journey of interactions with Americans from the perspective of a visitor turned citizen, and highlights the extraordinary passion of the American people and their great hospitality and generosity. Neff shares in detail the structure of the Swiss Social Security System, Pension Plans and the mandatory Health Care System. The conclusion of his study shows that the Swiss take pride in taking care of their citizens from birth to death without getting into debt and at the same time meticulously planning for the future. Solidarity, commitment and freedom are basic Swiss values. Finally the author appeals to all Americans to use their democratic rights and to fulfill on their duties as citizens. He is encouraging to practice trust and solidarity, to respect core values, personal wants and needs.newspapers, TV shows, and movies helped me get to know and understand the people and politics of this big country. ... a picaresque novel of a soldier in World War I, or Max und Moritz, an illustrated story of two boys in darkly humorous tales, ... The checkout clerk always tells me how much money I have saved that day.

Title:Vision for America
Author:Werner Neff
Publisher:Author House - 2014-10-09


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