Visual Basic .NET Threading Handbook

Visual Basic .NET Threading Handbook

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This book aims to address one of the fundamental units of .NET programming - the thread. A strong understanding of the role threads play in program execution, how multiple threads can interact in order to make efficient programs, and the pitfalls to beware of when developing multithreaded applications, are all core to a developer's ability to develop effective VB.NET programs. This book will cover how .NET applications are executed, the lifecycle of a thread in .NET, how the .NET framework uses threads, how threads work in an event-driven environment, how we can create threads, how we can avoid race conditions and deadlocks, how the activity of multiple threads can be synchronized, and how to debug multithreaded applications.This can be done with tools such as the task manager (which we have already seen), and two other tools called pview and pviewer. ... It wouldna#39;t make much sense to set the priority of Excel high, but the point is you could if you wanted to.

Title:Visual Basic .NET Threading Handbook
Author:Fabio Claudio Ferracchiati, Sandra Gopikrishna, Srinivasa Sivakumar, Tejaswi Redkar, Tobin Titus
Publisher:Apress - 2002


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