Vitamin O

Vitamin O

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Theya€™re free, fun, and with this book, easy to achieve. And just look what a woman stands to gain from her orgasmic life: a€c Oxytocina€”naturea€™s Ecstasya€”in her bloodstream a€c Relaxationa€”less stress and tension a€c Falling asleep and staying asleep better a€c More supple skin (really!) a€c Lower risk of heart disease a€c Immunity boost a€c Reduced hunger and cravings for junk food Far too many women arena€™t enjoying the benefits of this delicious activity, and Dr. Natasha wants to change that. In Vitamin O, she explores manual techniques, oral methods, and crazy-fun sex positions that maximize a womana€™s pleasure. She covers the basics in orgasmic foreplay, orgasmic positions, exercises to improve orgasms, orgasm-enhancing yoga, breathing techniques, and more. Here is the 411 on more advanced climaxinga€”multiples and simultaneous orgasms. And she breaks out lots of quick fixes for getting a daily dose without any fuss. By the time shea€™s through, having orgasms will become as natural and pleasantly habitual as drinking a morning coffee (which youa€™ll be drinking less and less of, as youa€™ll have increased energy from better sleep.) Vitamin Oa€™s benefits are layered and far-reaching, without any worry of toxicity or build-upa€”because Vitamin O is all about release. Regular doses will benefit every reader for life.Why Orgasms are Vital to a Womana#39;s Health and Happiness, and How to Have Them Every Time! Natasha Janina Valdez. nipple Os. Instead of an orgasm concentrated on a small area, they use their brains and their orgasmic focus to have an orgasm just by being ... Ita#39;s rare, but ita#39;s not impossible, and wea#39;ll get deeperanbsp;...

Title:Vitamin O
Author:Natasha Janina Valdez
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2015-05-19


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