Viva Voluptuous

Viva Voluptuous

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Ellie Johnston has just been dumped by her boyfriend Mark. Being dumped by the man she calls a€˜The Weasela€™ has dented her ego, and not only is she sulking, but as a plus-sized blogger shea€™s feeling like a fraud because her confidence in her curvaceousness has been seriously dented. While shea€™s still feeling raw, she comes across some evil comments on a newspaper website, which fire her up with a desire to show the world that you dona€™t have to conform to a skinny stereotype to be happy, healthy, successful and beautiful. Shea€™s passionate about helping other women escape the tyranny of constant dieting and body hatred, after being caught up in it herself. She enlists the help of her two plus-sized and gorgeous girlfriends, Zoe and Lauren, to come up with a plan, and seeks solace in Jamie, a gorgeous younger man with commitment issues. The a€˜Viva Voluptuousa€™ campaign takes the girls on a hilarious journey through PR disasters, dating sites and flash mobs but will it make a difference? And will Ellie get her curvy-girl mojo back againa€b?WhenI was younger, I used to be able to knock back drinks with very little regard to the morning after, staying out until 3am and getting up again at 7. Not now. A hangover took me all day to get rid of, necessitated several doses of fizzyanbsp;...

Title:Viva Voluptuous
Author:Sarah Clark
Publisher:John Hunt Publishing - 2014-04-25


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