Vocal Rescue

Vocal Rescue

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qLois Alba is a master teacher, ...I have never seen a vocal instructor who got such remarkable results in such a short time.q - Irene Dalis, General Director, Opera San Jose Achieving a successful singing career, especially in opera, can seem almost impossible to many singers because of fear of high notes, lack of projection, and confusion on how to express the music unhampered by technical preoccupation. Master Teacher and accomplished opera singer Lois Alba is aware of these pitfalls. She knows the best teaching involves an acute sense of the art form based on sound, intuition and imagery. The focus comes from the mind. It is interpreted through the ear and the body. When the body and mind come together harmoniously the result is beautiful sound. In this clear and legible guide, Lois Alba shares her formidable experience, voice training insight, and philosophical wisdom about the creative nature of singing. She works to de-program the singer as to the many myths about singing Ar recurring themes that flood vocal studios and ultimately damage voices. Vocal Rescue is an amalgamation of many precepts from a large library of rare treatises and the concepts outlined come from the fine art of vocal mastery known as bel canto. The text provides a seven step system that demystifies the secrets to beautiful singing, and promises to take all singers to a new level of technical proficiency and expression. Recorded illustrations on CD/DVD demonstrate the vocal principles with lessons and vocalises for singers in all voice ranges to follow. The author's website can be found at www.loisalba.comRediscover the Beauty, Power and Freedom in Your Singing Lois Alba. Tctrszzinir ... How does this principle apply to your singing? You have ... Are you willing to acknowledge to yourself that you need to take aquot;risksaquot; to improve your voice?

Title:Vocal Rescue
Author:Lois Alba
Publisher:Elsevier - 2005-01-06


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