Voices From The Other Side

Voices From The Other Side

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When author Harvest moon eyes decided to spend the winter of 1995 in Seattle, Washington, it was with the intention of writing a simple love story. A series of bizarre events unfolded and instead she found herself spending the winter on the streets with Seattlea€™s homeless. As Seattlea€™s homeless shared their background, opinions, and political viewpoints, Harvest moon eyes began to examine her life, prejudices and failures. Voices From The Other Side is her journal: a spiritual metamorphosis interwoven between unaltered-recorded conversations, which expose the rawness of the streets; and the emotions and thoughts the author tried to keep hidden, as well as delivering a timeless, compelling message to our politicians.aquot;What do you want?aquot; a bus came between us trailing a thin veil of fumes. ... I crossed the street in between cars and sea gulls, and as I came closer I saw the birthmark shaped like a falling teardrop on the inside corner of the girls left eye.

Title:Voices From The Other Side
Author:Harvest moon eyes
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2005-08-17


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