Voices From The Past

Voices From The Past

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The anthology Voices From The Past by the late Russian immigrant writer Orest M. Gladky presents a six-part collection of short stories preserving facts and thoughts about the tumultuous history of Russiaa€”Soviet Union from 1917 to 1971. In the first Part of this stirring collection, a€œIn Whose Name?a€, stories follow the period when the civil war engulfed the Motherland and the White Army volunteers are defending Holy Russia from the Reds. In a€œThe Dispossessed, a€ stories describe tragic times when Stalin reneges on the promise of the revolutiona€”All land to the peasantsa€”and launches an onslaught on peasants through forced farm collectivization and deportation of millions to Siberia. Stories in a€œI Believea€ tell how the Communists imposed Marxist dogma to eradicate belief in God, they close churches, kill and send clergymen to the concentration camps and conduct relentless anti-religious propaganda. In the fourth part State secret police watchdogs relentlessly hound a€œThe Enemies of the Peoplea€ and send millions without trial to prisons and gulags. In a€œThe Humdrum Life in Socialist Paradisea€ stories capture snapshots of ordinary citizensa€™ days in the Socialist-Communist state and their struggle to survive under Soviet rule and Bolshevik dictatorship. The last Part, a€œBehind the Iron Curtain, a€ tells with wry humor stories about events after World War Two, Cold War Years, and Collective Leadership in Soviet Union.Dyed Korneya#39;s house everything was clean and bright. Opposite the entrance door an altar ... Though it was hard to find foodstuff, Vera managed to prepare a small paskha and make a few colored Easter eggs. She put this and a piece of lardanbsp;...

Title:Voices From The Past
Author:Orest M. Gladky
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-06-02


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