Voltage Regulator Circuit Manual

Voltage Regulator Circuit Manual

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Voltage Regulator Circuit Manual highlights the techniques in DC regulator design. This book contains seven chapters that cover different circuit types, from the simple incorporation of silicon chips to the complex IC manufacturing. After providing an overview of the changes in power supply design, this book goes on discussing the various circuit configurations applicable to linear IC voltage regulators and switching regulator designs. The following chapters contain schematic diagrams of a general assortment of regulators. In these chapters, the circuits are based on three-terminal, linear regulator ICs that offer simplicity of design, low cost, minimal circuit complexity, and relatively fast construction times. A chapter focuses on a wide assortment of regulators that fall into the general category of a€œswitchers , which is a very broad class of circuit that encompasses several highly different configurations. The discussion then shifts to the switching power-supply circuits that fall into the category of flyback regulators, also known as ringing choke regulators. The last chapters deal with DC regulators that perform true value voltage conversions and their distinct characteristics. These chapters also include circuits that did not exactly fit the other circuit categories, such as battery chargers and motor controllers. Technicians and electronic engineers and designers who are interested in electronic design will find this book beneficial.12 Volt DC Step-Down Switching Regulator, 102 a€” 10-Volt DC Regulator Circuit, 31 a€” 5-Volt DC Switching ... 56 5-Volt, 5-Ampere Regulator for TTL, 29 5-Volt, Half-Ampere Buck Converter, 53, 54 5-Volt, Three-Terminal Regulator Circuit, 26, anbsp;...

Title:Voltage Regulator Circuit Manual
Author:Gerard Meurant
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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