Volume 1 - Cell Biology and Genetics

Volume 1 - Cell Biology and Genetics

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Written by a team of best-selling authors, BIOLOGY: THE UNITY AND DIVERSITY OF LIFE, 14th Edition reveals the biological world in wondrous detail. Packed with eye-catching photos and images, this text shows and tells the fascinating story of life on Earth, and engages readers with hands-on activities that encourage critical thinking. Chapter opening Learning Roadmaps help you focus on the topics that matter most and section-ending Take Home Messages reinforce key concepts. Helpful in-text features include a running glossary, case studies, issue-related essays, linked concepts, self-test questions, data analysis problems, and more. Known for a clear, accessible style, BIOLOGY: THE UNITY AND DIVERSITY OF LIFE, 14th Edition puts the living world of biology under a microscope for readers from all walks of life to analyze, understand, and enjoy! Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.... stores, or breaks down substances mitochondrion makes aTp by glucose breakdown Chloroplast makes sugars (in plants, some ... In addition to the nucleus, a typical eukaryotic cell has many other membrane-enclosed organelles , including endoplasmic ... Through this type of control, an organ- elle maintains a special internal environment that allows it to carry out a particular functiona€”for example, isolating ... TAke-HoMe MessAge 4.5 What do all eukaryotic cells have in common?

Title:Volume 1 - Cell Biology and Genetics
Author:Cecie Starr, Ralph Taggart, Christine Evers, Lisa Starr
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2015-01-01


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