W Stands for Women

W Stands for Women

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Taking seriously the a€œW Stands for Womena€ rhetoric of the 2004 Busha€“Cheney campaign, the contributors to this collection investigate how a€œWa€ stands for women. They argue that George W. Bush has hijacked feminist language toward decidedly antifeminist ends; his use of feminist rhetoric is deeply and problematically connected to a conservative gender ideology. While it is not surprising that conservative views about gender motivate Busha€™s stance on so-called a€œwomena€™s issuesa€ such as abortion, what is surprisinga€”and what this collection demonstratesa€”is that a conservative gender ideology also underlies a range of policies that do not appear explicitly related to gender, most notably foreign and domestic policies associated with the post-9/11 security state. Any assessment of the lasting consequences of the Bush presidency requires an understanding of the gender conservatism at its core. In W Stands for Women ten feminist scholars analyze various aspects of Busha€™s persona, language, and policy to show how his administration has shaped a new politics of gender. One contributor points out the shortcomings of a€œcompassionate conservatism, a€ a political philosophy that requires a weaker class to be the subject of compassion. Another examines Lynndie Englanda€™s participation in the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib in relation to the interrogation practices elaborated in the Army Field Manual, practices that often entail a€œfeminizinga€ detainees by stripping them of their masculine gender identities. Whether investigating the ways that Bush himself performs masculinity or the problems with discourse that positions non-Western women as supplicants in need of saving, these essays highlight the far-reaching consequences of the Bush administrationa€™s conflation of feminist rhetoric, conservative gender ideology, and neoconservative national security policy. Contributors. Andrew Feffer, Michaele L. Ferguson, David S. Gutterman, Mary Hawkesworth, Timothy Kaufman-Osborn, Lori Jo Marso, Danielle Regan, R. Claire Snyder, Iris Marion Young, Karen Zivi Michaela Ferguson and Karen Zivi appeared on KPFAa€™s Against the Grain on September 11, 2007. Listen to the audio. Michaela Ferguson and Lori Jo Marso appeared on WUNCa€™s The State of Things on August 30, 2007. Listen to the audio.2003a. a€œChildrena#39;s Living Arrangements and Characteristics: March 2002.a€ Current Population Reports, no. P20a€“547, Washington, D.C., June. Available online ... In Field Manual 34a€“ 52. May 8. ... a€œSaudi Women Have Message for U.S. Envoy.

Title:W Stands for Women
Author:Michaele L. Ferguson, Lori Jo Marso
Publisher:Duke University Press - 2007-08-08


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