Waiting in the wings

Waiting in the wings

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`Waiting In The Wings' is the brainchild of Michael J. Lawrence, a man with over 20 years experience at very senior levels within the Record Industry. Mike was Head of AaR and Promotions at RCA Records (in a similar capacity to Simon Cowell) for 14 years, being awarded what is generally considered to be the last Gold Record presented to anyone in connection with Elvis Presley prior to his death in 1977. The Gold Record was awarded for a marketing campaign that Mike conceived which resulted in the simultaneous re-entry of 11 of Elvis' singles. This was followed by a further 7 years as Head of AaR with Pye Records. For the past 20 years, Mike has been running his own Entertainment Agency and Artist Management business, and has appeared on many television and radio shows dedicated to the Entertainment Industry. Most notably, he presented the programme `At least the Titanic had a good band' for Carlton Television, a programme dealing with how record companies can manipulate the charts, and demonstrating how rife `payola' was amongst top national coverage Presenter/Disc Jockeys. Latterly, he has been responsible for the Management of many `chart' acts. Put simply, `Waiting in the Wings' was born out of frustration. When Mike left the Record Industry to pursue a career in Entertainment Agency and Artist Management, there were no books available to help him, nothing to show him the rights and wrongs, just that well known double act `Trial a Error'. He was to quickly find out the reason why. Entertainment Agents jealously guard their acts and their territories. No help was forthcoming from them then, would be now, or is ever likely to be. Next to their skin, their knowledge is the closest thing that they keep to their chest. Mike vowed then that, one day, he would correct this anomaly in order that no other person should have to take the same faltering steps of blind faith that he went through. That day has now arrived. Waiting in the wings has not been written out of vengeance, but out of first hand knowledge of a genuine need for such a reference work in order to show the legions of budding impresarios exactly what is involved in running an Entertainment Business and how to go about setting one up.The first decision to be made is, are you going to run your entertainment business full or part-time? Unless you have come into a legacy or a reasonable redundancy payout which means that you would be able to ... If you work for such a company, so much the better, at least you will still have a regular salary coming in. If notanbsp;...

Title:Waiting in the wings
Author:Mike Lawrence
Publisher:Waiting in the wings - 2006-12-06


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