Wake the Sleeping Giant

Wake the Sleeping Giant

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Wake the Sleeping Giant uses anecdotes to show why students qturn offq in the school system, who is responsible for turning the students off and methods with which to inspire the students to turn back on. Most of the difficulties which face children today do not originate in the home. They arise out of qThe Sleeping Giantq-our educational system. This manuscript is written for parents and teachers. It not only criticizes, it gives solutions. While the solutions provided in this book cost little financially, they challenge the teachers, education administrators and parents to change their whole approach to the child. One section of the book details the methods I have used to take eighth grade basic math classes from a third grade level to pre-algebra in less than three months. Another explains an educational game called qChallengeq which I developed to encourage students to read for important facts, develop questions, learn to find the answers for themselves, and peer teach. The game is fun and can be used in conjunction with any text book. As can be seen nightly on local and national newscasts, our children are in crises. Parents, politicians and educators are desperate to find ways to motivate children to read, write and do math. I believe that Wake the Sleeping Giant helps us come closer to that ideal. A sequel is being written at this time.Sounds good but how does it really work? First, if we mix the students from three elementary schools we shrink the circle of friends to onea€”third and if we divide them into six periods we shrink the circle of friends to ... With so much knowledge coming to our fingertips, you need not fear having nothing to teach. Third, do not anbsp;...

Title:Wake the Sleeping Giant
Author:Theodore A. Bailey
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-06-01


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