Waking from the American Nightmare

Waking from the American Nightmare

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How would you best describe your book? It is a personal finance resource manual, a course in self-sufficiency. Who is it for? Basically, anyone who is not on the Forbes list can probably benefit from this book. It helps those who are struggling to survive as well as those who are somewhat comfortable but would like to save for the future. Is this another get rich scheme? Absolutely not! I don't promise that if you buy and read this book, you'll be able to move into a mansion in the most exclusive neighborhood in town or that you'll jet off to Paris next week. The principles set forth in this book require planning, hard work, and most all, discipline. But other than the initial book purchase they will cost you nothing and if you are consistent, they will work for every family, every single time. How is what you teach different from every other book on personal finances out there? All books on finances tell you that you need to save money, but nobody tells you how. We'd all like to put a thousand dollars a month into a savings account, but where are you suppose to get it? All of the other financial programs and books I've seen are for people with money. Perhaps the subjects are grossly mishandling their funds, but the funds are available. They talk about putting money in the stock market, IRAs, 401Ks, and mutual funds. Those are not bad ideas, but they say nothing to people who are in financial crisis. When a mother doesn't know what she's going to feed her babies for supper she's not thinking about 401ks. Papa walks in the door from work and before he can take off his hat and coat, three collection agencies have called, the landlord is banging on the front door and the repo man is at the back door. Guess what? Papa couldn't care less about mutual funds at that point. What is the biggest misconception about the book? I think the biggest misunderstanding is that it's a book for qpoor people.q Sure, low income people will be helped greatly, but the middle class will also find that their money goes farther when they use the principles taught in Waking From the American Nightmare. How will it help them? Let me ask the question - What would you do with an extra 5, 10, or 15 thousand dollars a year? Maybe you're not worried about being evicted from your home, putting food on the table or the lights being turned off. We can still help you. Do you have credit card debt or a mortgage? Maybe you'd like to have mom stay home while the children are young. Perhaps you'd like to take a family vacation, save for college, purchase a second car or send the kids to a private school. Whatever your financial destination, Waking From the American Nightmare is the first step of that journey. How do you expect people with money problems to pay $25.00 for a book? People who want to change their financial situation can't afford not to have this book. In effect, it costs them nothing because it will more than pay for itself on the first trip to the grocery store. After that, the savings just keep adding up. it's really an investment.The advantage of this kind of work is that youa#39;ll get paid the same day you work. Larger communities have ... As long as I can remember there has been a worldwide shortage of plasma. Donating plasma is really somewhat of a misnomer because it implies that you are giving it from the kindness of your heart. The truth is thatanbsp;...

Title:Waking from the American Nightmare
Author:DeNise Kendrick
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2004-07


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