Walking On Higher Ground and Awakening the Spirit Within

Walking On Higher Ground and Awakening the Spirit Within

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This Christian autobiography talks about the dream of a small boy to follow in the footsteps of his childhood role model to earn a full scholarship in college football. Everyday children are influenced by athletes in high school, college and professional sports. This book offers insight into the world of a high school and college student athlete. It shows that it is possible to make the right decisions along the way and encourages student athletes to become the role models this society desperately needs. College is a time when many student athletes qsoul searchq to find that balance to juggle life's complex load involving serious questions about future aspirations. This spiritual journey addresses thought provoking questions involving Christianity that student athletes have been longing to have answered. It also talks about how to effectively play for Christ, while witnessing to others and giving all the glory to God.an NFL roster.a€ That comes out to a whopping 0.2% chance of making it to the NFL! The NFLPA also says, a€œEven of the ... While the highest paid players in the league can make $7$8 million per year, most players make much less than that.

Title:Walking On Higher Ground and Awakening the Spirit Within
Author:Miguel Viera
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-01-06


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