Walking the Tightrope

Walking the Tightrope

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The book is divided into three main sections in order to address the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects all of us experience as a part of being human. Each section builds on the previous, but also stands on its own.Section I helps you look at where you are now. You will assess your current life on the qWheel of Lifeq in order to pinpoint your strengths and problem areas. As a working mom, it becomes easy to see the microscopic, day-to-day view of your life, but much harder to see the macroscopic, or whole. Often clients who have done this exercise will remark, qYou know, I've been so busy working that I forget that I need time to exercise, q or qI keep working out at the gym and have forgotten that I need to spend some time praying, too.qIn Section II, you will learn positive ways to nurture both yourself and your family's health to help you perform at an optimum level. I consider this the building block to leading a balanced life because without good health, little else matters. Without the energy to get out of bed in the morning, you'll pay minimal attention to your emotional or spiritual needs, let alone be able do a fair job at being a mom, partner or employee. Section III provides ideas to help you manage your emotional health, including simple ideas to stay sane as a parent, how to manage your relationships with others and ideas for becoming more financially secure. Section IV targets the spiritual side of being a woman, an area that often goes overlooked in the craziness of our lives. You'll learn ways to integrate and nurture your spirituality to lead a fuller, more engaged and intuitive life.As I shook off sleep, I knew Ia#39;d have to be on the Interstate early to make the 30- mile commute to my teaching position at a local university. ... He instantly peed all over the carpet. Overwhelmed by it all, I sat down in my fancy silk blouse and wool suit and cried my eyes out. What to clean up first: the vomit, blood or dog urine?

Title:Walking the Tightrope
Author:Dr Monica a. Dixon
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-01


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