Walking with God

Walking with God

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a€œThis is a series of stories of what it looks like to walk with God, over the course of about a year.a€ So begins a remarkable narrative of one mana€™s journey learning to hear the voice of God. The details are intimate and personal. The invitation is for us all. What if we could hear from God . . . often? What difference would it make? We have a lot to sort through on any given day. A whole lot to navigate over the course of a week or a month. Am I in the right place? The right relationships? How am I going to come up with enough money to do the things I want to do? And what about lovea€”is this the one? Will it last? What is causing all those fears I keep pushing down inside? Why cana€™t I overcome those a€œhabitsa€ that look more and more like addictions? Am I at the right church? Should I even go to church? What is God doing in my life? All day long we are making choices. It adds up to an enormous amount of decisions in a lifetime. How do we know what to do? We have two options. We can trudge through on our own, doing our best to figure it all out. Or, we can walk with God. As in, learn to hear his voice. Really. We can live life with God. He offers to speak to us and guide us. Every day. It is an incredible offer. To accept that offer is to enter into an adventure filled with joy and risk, transformation and breakthrough. And more clarity than we ever thought possible.... give you a book of exceptions? This is how I used to relate to my people, but I dona#39;t do that any- more. What good would a book of exceptions do you? Thata#39;s like giving you the ownera#39;s manual for a Dodge even though you drive a Mitsubishi.

Title:Walking with God
Author:John Eldredge
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 2010-09-19


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