Wall of Doom (Epic Fantasy): Book 1 Saga of the de Magela Family

Wall of Doom (Epic Fantasy): Book 1 Saga of the de Magela Family

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Princess Maura is the beloved and spoiled daughter of Queen Abisola and her Consort Iasos, but an ill wind is blowing their way. From the distant east nomadic tribesmen known as the Bhuttanians have unified under the leadership of Zoar, a powerful chieftain who is bent on building a vast empire. Queen Abisola has little time to transform her peaceful, agrarian country into a fighting military unit able to take on Zoara€™s experienced warriors. Queen Abisola must sacrifice her daughter to the Dinii, a bird-like people who will adopt and train Princess Maura as a warrior who will lead her people against Zoar. For years, both the Dinii and Mauraa€™s people train to withstand Zoara€™s inevitable onslaught, but they never anticipated fighting the powerful black magic of Zoara€™s evil Wizard. Will Princess Maura lose the love of her life as she struggles to save her people? Will her country be able to survive where other countries have crumbled before the tyranny of Zoar? Or will the Dinii betray her county to the warlord Zoar?That I will run and hide until the battle is allover. How will Ibe able tolivewithmyself ifI dishonormy family?a€ a€œMaura, you arenot alone. I remember thefirst time I fought with a poacher. Iwas so scared. I hadthe same thoughts as you, but you cannotanbsp;...

Title:Wall of Doom (Epic Fantasy): Book 1 Saga of the de Magela Family
Author:Abigail Keam
Publisher:Worker Bee Press - 2013-12-31


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